Helping You Help Millions

Live Neuron Labs consults on large-scale, social-good behavior change programs.

Who Are We

We’re Your Behavioral Design Team. A team of seasoned veterans with decades at the front-lines of  Behavioral Design & Gamification, where emerging science has been applied artfully to large-scale positive behavior change projects.

Our Mission

We are driven by a life-long mission to dramatically impact society’s grand challenges through targeted large-scale behavior change projects.  To maximize our impact, we consult, train, speak,  provide learning resources & develop powerful models.

What We Do

Through our robust tool-set, we efficiently guide you in leveraging diverse science, design & media techniques to maximize positive behavior change on large-scale products, programs & services.

Decades at the Intersection of the

Art, Science & Industry
of Behavior Change

Meaningful Behavior Change Requires


For Robust Understanding

The science of behavior change is rapidly evolving. Data is replacing folklore. Live Neuron’s Behavioral Scientist and Behavioral Designers draw from diverse academic fields to build an evidence-based understanding of your target audience’s behavior and how to improve it.


For Nuanced Application

Science isn’t enough. Design isn’t enough. To actually apply the science to profoundly impact how people feel, think and act requires drawing from diverse media, arts, and persuasion fields. Live Neuron Labs combines Design Thinking with diverse techniques from film-making, game-design, story-telling, visual arts, theater, marketing, PR, and more.


For Efficient Execution

Understanding and application mean nothing if they never get built. LNL has extensive experience designing for complex, large-scale, enterprise projects with large teams spanning multiple organizations using complex technology. Our systematic design framework, tool-set and process allow us to deliver efficiently & effectively under real project constraints.

LNL Behavioral Design Process


Establish a clear understanding of the problem space.


Train on the
fundamentals of
behavioral design.


Uncover the
hidden factors
stifling outcomes.


Identify high ROI opportunities for improvement.


Prepare guidance for project teams to
execute on.


Guide through development, launch,
and optimization.

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