Emotional Design

Emotional Design is about designing products, services, and experiences to achieve specific emotional outcomes, usually positive. Emotions drive most human action, so it’s critical to design with emotions in mind.

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Setback Recovery: The Missing Link of Behavior Design

If there is one truth about behavior change – it’s that you’re going to screw up. You’re supposed to screw up. That’s how you gain experience and figure out what works.

However very few behavior change products design for ‘failure’. And when they do, they don’t do a very good job at it.

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The Reality / Narrative Gap

We humans are always trying to fit our experience into some kind of narrative that helps us make sense of things. Unfortunately, reality rarely has a nice, neat narrative. So we end up with gaps between reality, and the stories we tell ourselves about reality. This is a challenge that creates a powerful opportunity.

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A Paper-Based Intervention for Physical Therapy

I recently went through a couple of months with a terrible back problem resulting in physical therapy and a back procedure (out-patient). Of course I can’t help but look at all my experiences through a behavior design perspective! And, as usual, I heard from my physical therapists that they have a really tough time getting

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The 30 Day Fitness Challenge Facebook App

I thought I’d share one of my first fitness apps, a Facebook app called “The 30 Day Fitness Challenge”. I launch this during the last days of my company, GoalTribe, during a challenging time when Facebook admitted to having the worst API stability ever. It was showing great promising, but in the end it went

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