GoalTribe, the First Gamified, Behavior Change Social Network


Almost a decade ago I want school tried the first gamified, behavior change, social network. What was once looked at as a strange, new idea, has now become so common I can’t even count the number of behavior change apps available.

Goal tribe was very open ended, allowing you to set up any goal, any series of steps, or any new habit. You could enlist allies to hold you accountable, encourage you, and celebrate your victories. I focused on designing for your daily workflow: to remind you to take action, to know exactly what to do, to know which allies needed support and encouragement, and which new users needed a welcoming message.

I think the single biggest mistake was focusing on catching you when you failed, rather than encouraging you you when you are successful. The fields of behavior design, behavioral economics, and gamification, where very young fields, and not well known.

It’s fun to look back and see all the many, many things I’ve learned since then.


2008-03-27_0552 2008-03-27_0553 coaching dashboard with some notes 2008-03-27_0551

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