The 30 Day Fitness Challenge Facebook App


I thought I’d share one of my first fitness apps, a Facebook app called “The 30 Day Fitness Challenge”. I launch this during the last days of my company, GoalTribe, during a challenging time when Facebook admitted to having the worst API stability ever. It was showing great promising, but in the end it went under when GoalTribe went under.

I still think it’s a very promising design, and I would love to relaunch it sometime. I did all the behavior design , interactive design, visual design and development myself for this one.

If I were to relaunch this today, I would design for a daily workout habit of perhaps five minutes in the beginning and slowly expanding to 30 minutes. Daily habits are much easier to design for and to develop into habits. So the three times a week aspect of this app (especially allowing you to do it on any days of the week) made it more difficult and less effective than it could have been.










30_Day_Fitness_App_Screenshot_great_start_reward 30_Day_Fitness_App_Screenshot_excellent 30_Day_Fitness_App_Dashboard_Screenshot 30_Day_Fitness_App_Screenshot_share

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