The Reality / Narrative Gap

We humans are always trying to fit our experience into some kind of narrative that helps us make sense of things. Unfortunately, reality rarely has a nice, neat narrative. So we end up with gaps between reality, and the stories we tell ourselves about reality. This is a challenge that creates a powerful opportunity.

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A Paper-Based Intervention for Physical Therapy

I recently went through a couple of months with a terrible back problem resulting in physical therapy and a back procedure (out-patient). Of course, I can’t help but look at all my experiences through a behavior design perspective! And, as usual, I heard from my physical therapists that they have a really tough time getting

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The 30 Day Fitness Challenge Facebook App

As GoalTribe, Suruchi and I built the first Facebook fitness behavior change app. It was called “The 30 Day Fitness Challenge” and leveraged game mechanics. We launch this during the last days of GoalTribe, during a challenging time when Facebook admitted to having the worst API stability ever. It was showing great promising, but in

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